fredag 13. august 2010

Message to Samsung

Her er meldinga eg sende til Samsung si brukarstøtte om drivarproblema med Galaxy S. Trass i norske sider, er kontaktskjemaet på engelsk. Det seier vel også sitt om satsing på brukarstøtte og oppfølging av produkt.


I recently bought the Galaxy S phone which I find very good. However, connecting the phone to my pc (Lenovo T400s, Win 7 64 bit Prof.) fails. I have contacted Samsung support with no result.
It is a great shame that such a great telephone is delivered with such a malfunctioning software. The Kies software is not updated to support the phone and the MTP App drivers are obviously foul. There are a lot of postings on the net about this and it all leads to bad PR for Samsung. I am also blogging about my experience and it really is too bad that this great phone is not followed up with proper drivers and software. 
You need to come out with a clear statement about what is wrong and how and when you plan to solve it.
Svein Ølnes, Sogndal

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